to savour and share


Momenti is the restaurant of the San Paolo Hotel open to the public.


Our cuisine is rooted in the traditions of the Marche region, where each dish tells the story and quality of our territory through carefully selected ingredients.


Pizzeria Sandwich Bar

Momenti is a true space for sharing, to make each meal a memory to cherish.

🍕 Pizzeria: Our pizza? A crunchy, tasty, and light dream. Experience the boldest and most contemporary combinations, enriched with top-quality ingredients.

🍔 Sandwich Shop: Are you in the mood for something American or do you prefer a local touch? Our sandwiches offer international flavors with a Marche twist.

🍺 Beers and Wines: Pair your meal with a craft beer or a wine selected from the Officina del Sole cellar. We have something for every palate, guaranteed.

☎️ Info and Reservations: 0734 967321 / 324 8672957


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Those who stay at the hotel will be captivated every morning by the intoxicating scent of freshly baked croissants and homemade pastries.